2021 Commencement Recording

View the 2021 Commencement Ceremony, recorded Thursday, May 6 at 6:00 PM EDT.

Read Fr. Brown’s Commencement Address.

Spotlight on The Giving of the Keys

View the reflection on this window, part of For the Glory of the Father, the seminarian-produced video series on St. Mary’s chapel.

See all the videos spotlighted thus far.


The Seminary

The Seminary, founded in Baltimore in 1791, by the Society of Saint Sulpice, strives, as its primary purpose, to provide outstanding spiritual, human, intellectual and pastoral preparation for candidates for the Roman Catholic Priesthood. Following in the Sulpician Seminary tradition, it seeks to do this as a formational community grounded in Jesus Christ and primarily directed toward diocesan priestly service in the Church.

The Ecumenical

The Ecumenical Institute encourages people of all denominations to explore theological studies in a serious, open-minded, and supportive environment.

The Center for
Continuing Formation

Opened in 1996, the Center offers an array of programs for priests and bishops. There are conferences for the newly ordained, new pastors, priests engaged in pastoral and special ministries, and senior priests. The Center has also developed a series of conferences which addresses needs of bishops and their co-workers in the task of diocesan administration. Additionally the Center hosts groups for academic, pastoral and ecumenical conferences.

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