CREDO Reference

Credo General Reference is a completely customizable online reference solution for learners and librarians. Offering 551 highly-regarded titles from over 70 publishers, Credo General Reference covers every major subject from the world’s best publishers of reference.

Encyclopædia Britannica

Includes the complete encyclopædia, as well as Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, Britannica Student Encyclopædia, and the Britannica Book of the Year.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The GVRL includes the following titles:
Encyclopædia Judaica
Encyclopædia of Bioethics
Encyclopædia of Religion
Melton’s Encyclopædia of American Religions
New Catholic Encyclopædia
New Catholic Encyclopædia: 2009 Supplement
New Catholic Encyclopædia: 2010 Supplement
Science, Religion, and Society
The Encyclopædia of Philosophy
Worldmark Encyclopædia of Religious Practices

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Oxford Biblical Studies Online provides a comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history. The integration of authoritative scholarly texts and reference works with tools that provide ease of research into the background, context, and issues related to the Bible make Oxford Biblical Studies Online a valuable resource not only for college students, scholars, and clergy, but also anyone in need of an authoritative, ecumenical, and up-to-date resource.

Oxford English Dictionary

A dictionary which traces the development of English from approximately 1150 AD up to the present day. (courtesy MD Digital Library)

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy features 2,000 original entries from a team of over 1,300 of the world’s most respected scholars and philosophers.The REP is regularly upgraded with new material, revisions, and bibliographic updates.