Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology Degree (S.T.B.)

The requirements for the baccalaureate degree are as follows:

  1. Completion of the philosophical and undergraduate theological coursework as defined in the current edition of the Program for Priestly Formation;
  2. Completion of 93 graduate credit hours of course work;
  3. Maintaining a 2.5 G.P.A. for the S.T.B. courses;
  4. Successful completion of written comprehensive examinations.

Although the number of graduate credit hours required for the S.T.B. could be completed in six semesters, seminarians will be required to take the S.T.B. courses in accord with the cycle of courses required for priesthood candidates, concurrent with civil degrees.  Thus, seminarians will not complete all of the requirements for the S.T.B. degree until they are in their eighth semester of theology at St. Mary’s.  However, qualified seminarians will be permitted to begin taking S.T.L. courses and fulfilling S.T.L. requirements during their seventh and eighth semesters of theology.  The number of semester credit hours per course is three unless otherwise noted.


Philosophy (30 credits)

Introduction to Philosophical Argumentation
Philosophical Anthropology
Philosophical Ethics
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval and Modern Philosophy
Contemporary Issues in Philosophy
Epistemological Issues in Theology
Philosophy of Nature
Philosophy of God

Undergraduate Theology (12 credits)

Introduction to Catholic Catechism I
Introduction to Catholic Catechism II
Introduction to Scripture
Prayer and Priesthood

Liberal Arts (9 credits)

Communication for Pastors
Ecclesiastical Latin or Pastoral Spanish


Sacred Scripture (22.5 credits)

The Bible in the Church (1.5)
Pentateuch & Historical Literature
Gospels of Mark & Matthew
Gospel of Luke & Acts of the Apostles
Pauline Epistles
Prophetic Literature
Psalms & Wisdom Literature
Johannine Literature

Systematic and Liturgical Theology (33 credits)    

Liturgical Theology
Fundamental Theology
Doctrine of God
Theological Anthropology
Christology & Soteriology
Theology of the Church
Sacraments of Initiation