Accredited Degree Programs

All accredited graduate-level degree programs at St. Mary’s must complete the entire core curriculum, which includes a complete treatment of Sacred Scripture; systematic, liturgical, moral, spiritual, and pastoral theology; church history; pastoral internships; and a comprehensive examination process. All courses are (3) credits, unless otherwise noted. A complete description of each course is available in the on-line catalog.


Philosophy (30 credits)

Introduction to Philosophical Argumentation
Philosophical Anthropology
Philosophical Ethics
Ancient Philosophy
Medieval and Modern Philosophy
Contemporary Issues in Philosophy
Epistemological Issues in Theology
Philosophy of Nature
Philosophy of God

Undergraduate Theology (12 credits)

Introduction to Catholic Catechism I
Introduction to Catholic Catechism II
Introduction to Scripture
Prayer and Priesthood
Liberal Arts (9 credits)
Communication for Pastors
Ecclesiastical Latin or Pastoral Spanish


Sacred Scripture (22.5 credits)

The Bible in the Church (1.5)
Pentateuch & Historical Literature
Gospels of Mark & Matthew
Gospel of Luke & Acts of the Apostles
Pauline Epistles
Prophetic Literature
Psalms & Wisdom Literature
Johannine Literature

Systematic and Liturgical Theology (38 credits)

Liturgical Theology
Fundamental Theology
Doctrine of God
Theological Anthropology
Christology & Soteriology
Theology of the Church
Sacraments of Initiation (3) & Practicum (1)
Theology & Spirituality of Priesthood
Patristic Theology
Eucharist (3) & Practicum (1)
Eschatology (1.5)
Marian Theology & Spirituality (1.5)

Moral and Spiritual Theology (19.5 credits)

Foundations of Moral Theology
Spiritual Theology (1.5)
Medical Ethics
Human Sexuality, Celibacy, Marriage
Catholic Social Ethics
Sacraments of Healing

Pastoral Theology (30 credits)

Pastoral Care and Practice
Field Ministry Practicum
Preaching I
Preaching II
Survey of Canon Law
Canon Law of Marriage and Sacraments
The Pastor as Catechist (1.5)
The Pastor as Evangelist (1.5)
Parish Practicum
Pastoral Administration & Leadership

Church History (9 credits)

Ancient & Medieval Christianity
Modern & Contemporary Catholicism
American Catholicism
One Free Elective (3 credits)

TOTAL: 122 Graduate Credits