Community Service

  • Working with the Missionaries of Charity in the Food for Thought Ministry.

“The experience of seminary community plays a significant role in the personal and spiritual growth of seminarians. . . The give-and-take between those who share the priesthood as a common vocation sets the context for formation. . . Community also should provide the context in which those qualities for ministerial leadership can be nurtured and demonstrated. (PPF 262).”  St. Mary’s provides multiple community opportunities for personal growth as well for the development and demonstration of leadership. In addition to student government, certain work-study opportunities, such as the Donnelly Lounge, Knott Library, Chapel and Liturgy, Athletics, and Infirmarian, are excellent opportunities for seminarians to demonstrate leadership. Additionally, other venues in which seminarians have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership include Introduction to Seminary Life Leadership Team; Alumni Day Seminarian Chair; Class Liturgy Representatives; and spearheading various Peace and Justice endeavors.

In the course of his years at St. Mary’s a seminarian is expected to show his willingness to be of service to the community and to demonstrate his capacity for leadership.