Rev. Phillip J. Brown, P.S.S., J.D., S.T.B., J.C.D., J.C.L.
President Rector, Vice Chancellor, Ecclesiastical Theological Faculty

Rev. Edward Griswold, S.T.L., D.Min.
Vice Rector, Director of Pastoral Formation

Rev. Thomas Burke, O.SS.T., B.A., S.T.M., S.T.D.
Dean of the School of Theology, Praeses of the Ecclesiastical Theological Faculty

Rev. D. Brent Laytham, Ph.D.
Dean of the Ecumenical Institute of Theology

Richard G. Childs, M.B.A., C.P.A.
Vice President for Finance

Elizabeth L. Visconage, B.S.
Vice President for Advancement and Human Resources

Rev. Msgr. David Fulton, J.C.D., S.T.D.
Director of Continuing Formation Programs for Priests

Arryn Milne, B.S.
Director of Information Services

Paula Thigpen, M.A., M.Div.
University Registrar

Thomas Raszewski, M.L.S., M.A. (Theology)
Director of the Knott Library

Rev. Lawrence Terrien, P.S.S., S.T.D.
Director of Spiritual Formation

Rev. James P. McKearney, P.S.S., S.T.D.
Director of Liturgy

Paul Binko, B.S., C.A.G.O.
Director of Liturgical Music & Organist