Profiles in Ministry

Feature Image of first five videos in "Profiles in Ministry" series.

New Video Series to Meet the St. Mary’s Community

In February-March 2021, St. Mary’s debuted a new video series to introduce members of the St. Mary’s community to followers of social media channels and the SMSU website. The videos, no more than three minutes each, allowed the subjects to “tell their own stories” in words and images. This first series focused on five seminarians at different levels of formation. Reaction was overwhelmingly positive and future installments have already been planned, focusing not only on more seminarians but also on alumni, faculty, other students, etc.—different stories that make up the community of St. Mary’s Seminary & University.

The collection of videos in the Profiles in Ministry series can be accessed through an entire playlist on the St. Mary’s YouTube channel. Or view each individual video below.