Our Newest Alumni

The Class of 2019:

Wilma Davis — MA in Church Ministries
Michael Downes — MA in Theology
Roderick Harden — MA in Theology
Ellen Hoadley — MA in Theology
Alaina Jenkins — MA in Theology
Emmanuel Johnson — MA in Church Ministries
Stephen Johnson — MA in Theology
Thierry Labarre — MA in Theology
Andrew Lacovara — Certificate of Advanced Studies
Steven Liu — MA in Theology
Kathleen Lyon — MA in Church Ministries
Karen McGee — MA in Theology
Derek Miller — MA in Church Ministries & MA in Theology
John Morrison — MA in Theology
Jeanne Owings — MA in Theology
Tarshia Palmer — MA in Church Ministries
Michelle Rader — MA in Theology
Kellie Reynolds — MA in Church Ministries & MA in Theology
Connie Saeger-Proctor — MA in Church Ministries
Hyesun Stuart — MA in Theology
John Tant — MA in Theology
Raymond Van Pelt — MA in Theology
Gail Watts — MA in Church Ministries