Youth & Family Ministry

N.B. Program requirements are currently under revision.

The Certificate in Youth Ministry is intended for youth ministers as well as lay volunteers.

Required courses include:

TH601 Introduction to Theological Study
RE630 Principles of Youth Ministry
RE633 Pastoral and Spiritual Care of Youth
RE798 Youth Ministry Practicum*

One of the following two courses:

RE/SP734 Faith Development through the Life Cycle
SP630 The Spirituality of Children and Adolescents

One of the following two courses:

PT725 Problems of the Contemporary Family
PT741 Ministry with Families

One of the following two courses or an approved RE, PT, or SP elective:

PT/RE716 Youth & Young Adult Culture & the Contemporary Church
RE719 Current Issues in Youth Ministry

*Note: RE798 is normally taken at the end of the certificate program.