For the Glory of the Father

Continue Your Journey Through Lent-Easter in St. Mary’s Chapel

We continue our “journey of reflection” through Lent and Easter built upon the seminarian-produced video series, For the Glory of the Father, using the stained glass windows and other elements of St. Mary’s Chapel as the basis for theological, spiritual, or prayerful reflections on the subject under consideration. 

In this week’s thirteenth video, this seminarian-produced video series focuses on the stained glass window of “The Giving of the Keys.” Reflections are offered by third-year seminarian, Mr. Cleber dePaula, and Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture (and Vice Rector), Rev. Paul A. Maillet, P.S.S. Mr. dePaula examines the role of Peter and the Apostles in the depiction of the story in the gospel of Matthew where Jesus bestows the “power of the keys.” Fr. Maillet traces the succession of that power through the ages in bishops and priests, especially as celebrated in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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Also, read an account of the creation of this series by the production team of St. Mary’s seminarians.


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