How To

Renew Library Materials

Patrons in good standing may renew their materials in person or by phone, if there are no requests for the item.  Registered SMSU students, faculty and staff may also renew their items online using their “PIN” number, established when obtaining their card.

For online renewal:

  1. Go to the Library Catalog online or click on “Library Catalog and Internet” icon on the computer desktop.
  2. Click on “Patron Review.”
  3. Enter in the numbers from the barcode on the back of your library card into the box called “Patron/Alternate ID.” Do not include spaces or any punctuation.
  4. Enter your PIN number (Remember, go to the Knott Library first to set your PIN number. Speak with the staff member on duty.)
  5. Click on “Submit Requests” to view your account online (be sure you scroll down to see the entire page!).
  6. To renew your materials, click on the check box next to the title you want to renew.
  7. Complete the renewal process by clicking on “Renew Checked Items.”

*Note: Once a library item is overdue, the material cannot be renewed online. Please return the item to the Knott Library to have it renewed.

View Items on Reserve

To view library items the professors have placed on reserve:

Go to the Knott Library Catalog
Click on the word “Search”
Click on the button at the top that says “View Reserves”
Select the instructor and/or course you wish to check
Click on “Show Reserves”
There are options to sort the list in alphabetical order by title, by course, etc.
To view the full record for an item, click on the title

*Note. The professor may have placed photocopied articles, personal copies of books or other material that is not cataloged into our system.  The librarian at the circulation desk can help you with these items.