eBook Download Instructions for Mobile Devices

How to download an eBook with your mobile device


  • You will need an EBSCO account (how to get one)
  • An eBook reader app:
    • EBSCO eBooks app (recommended app available for free for both iOS from the Apple App Store and Android from the Google Play Store)
    • EBSCO eBooks are also compatible with Bluefire Reader and Adobe Digital Editions – both require an Adobe ID, available for free from Adobe.com 

Authorizing the app:

  • After downloading the EBSCO eBooks app, open it and select Authorize.
  • Select Find Books and use the library locator to find St. Mary’s Seminary. This will allow you to search for and download eBooks using the app.

Finding and downloading an eBook in a browser:

  1. Locate the Search Box on the Marion Knott Library homepage.
  2. Select the eBooks tab, enter your search term, and select Search.
  3. Select your desired book from the search results
  4. Select the Download (offline) link
    • If you are not logged in to your EBSCO account, you will be prompted to do so. If you do not have one, select Create a new Account and follow the directions.
  5. Select a checkout period from the drop-down menu and select Checkout & Download.
    • Note: for some titles, you may see the option to select either PDF or ePUB format. ePub is generally preferred when using a mobile device.
  6. Select the EBSCO eBook app to open the book (or select your preferred eBook reader app)

How to use the EBSCO eBooks App: