Additional Resources – Online


Project Muse, has worked with many of its publishers (including Liturgical Press Cornell, Duke, Fordham, John Hopkins etc.. to open up 10,000+ e-books and 150+ journals for your use. Most are available through the end of June.


ATLA LibGuides

Atla Religion LibGuides is a growing, selective, annotated collection of web resources for the study of religion.


Open Access Digital Theological Library (OADTL) curates high-quality content in religious studies and related disciplines from publisher websites, institutional repositories, scholarly societies, archives, and stable public domain collections.


RedShelf  is a platform  for students to buy e-books has partnered with over 50 publishing partners to offer free access to digital textbooks for the rest of the semester. After creating an account, each student may access up to seven free e-books, with access ending on 25 May 2020. 


Note: the appearance of these sites on this list does not mean that St. Mary’s Seminary and University endorse all the content on the sites.
The Bible Online
o (multiple versions and languages)
o (multiple versions)
o (multiple versions and languages)
o (multiple versions plus original languages; created by Tyndale House, a biblical studies research institute in Cambridge, England)
o (ESV, Tyndale Greek New Testament, interlinear)
o (NET Bible and others)
o (NRSV)
o (NRSV texts for all Sundays of the three-year Revised Common Lectionary)
o (downloadable Hebrew Bible, Greek New Testament, Vulgate, and Septuagint texts, but only for members of the Society of Biblical Literature)
o (Hebrew Bible, Greek New Testament, Septuagint, Vulgate, ESV, NET Bible; at the German Bible Society site)
o (Greek New Testament, Nestle-Aland 28th edition)
o (The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition)

Articles, Journals, Books, and Dissertations
Platforms available through most theological libraries: ATLA, EBSCO, JSTOR
For books, dissertations, and articles:
o (books)
o (books, articles, dissertations.)
o The publisher Brill allows authors to make their work freely available online (“Brill Open Access“)
o An abridged version of The SBL Handbook of Style:

Various Sites for Biblical Studies
o The African American Lectionary:
o The Atla Websites on Religion: Biblical Literature:
o Best Commentaries:
o Bible Odyssey: (from the Society of Biblical Literature)
o Biblical Studies Online:
o Biblical Weblinks:
o The British Library’s EThOS E-theses Online Service:
o The Catholic Biblical Association of America:
o Electronic New Testament Educational Resources (E.N.T.E.R.):
o The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary:
o New Testament Gateway: (Prof. Mark Goodacre, Duke)
o The NTWrightPage:
o Oxford Biblical Studies Online:
o PQDT Open provides free access to the PDF files of dissertations and theses:
o ProQuest is a fee-based provider of access to dissertations and theses:
o Resource Pages for Biblical Studies:
o The Text This Week:
o Tyndale House Cambridge Online Resources:

o The University of Calgary’s Religious Studies Web Guide: Biblical Studies:

Other Lists and Links
Prof. Steve Walton: Free NT Resources Master List in response to COVID-19; also here is a note about free access to certain resources from Logos:

Theology on the Web (Rob Bradshaw’s Site)
Theology on the Web provides access to over 40,000 articles and books, which are all free-to-download for educational purposes.
” 90+ theological journals hosted in whole or in part
” Sets of biblical commentaries
” Bibliographies of theologians with links to online material
” Biographies of notable missionaries
” Heresies and sects of the Early Church
” Interviews with Bible College faculty members from around the world