The Bishops’ Toolbox

 Best Practices of Diocesan Review Boards

Future Date to Be Announced

                      Toolbox for Senior Diocesan Leaders

                                                      April 2-7, 2017


This program, designed for senior (arch)diocesan leaders such as bishops, auxiliary bishops, vicars general, vicars forane, chancellors and others in senior (arch)diocesan roles, provides practical tools for senior diocesan leaders.  Program covers the following topics;


              1.  A theological framework for Catholic church management

              2.  High-quality relationships between the diocese, pastors and parishes

              3.  Leadership development and succession planning for diocesan roles

              4.  Diocesan planning and strategic thinking

              5.  Diocesan role in human resource management

              6.  Diocesan communications

              7.  Crisis management

              8.  System-wide change management

              9.  Internal alignment on the key purposes of the chancery/diocesan office

            10.  Best practices for managing and reporting on diocesan finances

            11.  Diocesan stewardship, development and capital campaigns

            12.  Best practices and models for bishops’ administrative team findings

            13.  Diocesan consultative boards and councils


To register, contact:

Krista Koronios
Center for Continuing Formation
St. Mary’s Seminary and University
5400 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, MD  21210

Download a registration form here.