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Model Curriculum Schema

After completion of all pre-theology requirements, all candidates, regardless of degree
program, must complete the entire cycle of theology courses. No exceptions to this policy will be made other than in certain cases involving seminarians who are 50 years of age or older. The entire pre-theology and theology curriculum, designed to be completed in six years, is as follows. The number of semester credit hours per course is three unless otherwise noted.

FALL I (1st Pre-theology) SPRING I (1st Pre-theology)
Philosophical Anthropology Philosophical Ethics
Ancient Philosophy Medieval and Modern Philosophy
Introduction to Catholic Catechism I Introduction to Catholic Catechism II
Prayer and Priesthood I (1.5 credits) Prayer and Priesthood II (1.5 credits)
Communication for Pastors I (1.5 credits) Communication for Pastors II (1.5 credits)
Introduction to Philosophical Argumentation  
FALL II (2nd Pre-theology) SPRING II (2nd Pre-theology)
Epistemological Issues in Theology Metaphysics
Contemporary Issues in Philosophy Introduction to Scripture
Philosophy of Nature Philosophy of God
Ecclesiastical Latin I or Pastoral Spanish I Ecclesiastical Latin II or Pastoral Spanish II
FALL III (1st Theology) SPRING III (1st Theology)
Pentateuch/Historical Literature Synoptic Gospels
Ancient/Medieval Christianity Modern/Contemporary Catholicism
Spirituality and Practice Theological Anthropology
Fundamental Theology Foundations of Moral Theology
Liturgical Theology Doctrine of God
FALL IV (2nd Theology) SPRING IV (2nd Theology)
Johannine Literature Pauline Epistles
Pastoral Catechetics Prophetic Literature
Marriage, Human Sexuality, Celibacy Theology of the Church
Christology-Soteriology Basic Skills for Effective Preaching
Pastoral Care and Practice I (1.5 credits) Pastoral Care and Practice II (1.5 credits)
Pastoral Internship I (1.5 credits) Pastoral Internship II (1.5 credits)
FALL V (3rd Theology) SPRING V (3rd Theology)
Medical Ethics Catholic Social Ethics
Preaching from the Lectionary Sacramental Theology: Baptism/Confirmation
Survey of Canon Law Canon Law of Marriage
Elective Elective
Becoming a Pastoral Teacher (1.5 credits) Becoming a Leader of Prayer (1.5 credits)
Pastoral Internship III (1.5 credits) Pastoral Internship IV (1.5 credits)
FALL VI (4th Theology) SPRING VI (4th Theology)
Theology of Ministry/Priesthood American Catholicism
Pastoral Ministry: Ecumenical/Interfaith Theology of the Eucharist & Practicum (4 cr.)
Pastoral Administration Pastoral Leadership
Sacraments of Penance and Anointing Elective

The four electives listed in the last four semesters must be distributed as follows: one in Moral/Spiritual Theology, one in Sacred Scripture, one in Systematic/Liturgical Theology, and one free elective.