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What to do first...
You may be thinking about the priesthood and wondering what a seminary is like. It's quite common for a man to quietly be thinking about being a priest for a long time before even telling friends and family.

If you sense that you are being called by God to priesthood, here are three steps you should consider:

  • Step 1 - Discuss your sense of vocation with a priest or seminarian you know.
  • Step 2 - Contact the Vocation Director in your diocese to discuss your interest with him. He can give you assistance in discerning your call. If you would prefer, you can contact St. Mary's Seminary and we'll put you in touch with your Vocation Director as well as send you information about our priestly formation program.
  • Step 3 - Contact St. Mary's Seminary to arrange a visit and stay at the seminary. We offer three day visits to prospective seminarians throughout the year.
What to do next:  We Invite You To Be Our Guest on ...

February 24-26, 2010
Prospective seminarians are always welcome to visit St. Mary's. The best time for anyone interested in the seminary to come is during our Annual Live-In. We invite you to be our guest at this year's Live-In on February 23 - 25, 2009. This program gives our prospective seminarians a friendly and in-depth experience of life at St. Mary's.

Or....You Are Welcome To Visit Anytime
If these dates are not convenient, a prospective student is welcome to visit at any time. Obviously, it is better to plan a visit during the school year, in order to meet students and get a better sense of the community and the daily routine. Visits of 2-3 days during the week may be arranged through the Vice Rector's office. In order to visit, the prospective student must be under the sponsorship of a diocese, and their Vocation Director should be aware of and approve the visit to St. Mary's. Just call 410-864-3602 or send an email to and we'll take care of the rest.

A Seminarian From Your Diocese Will Host You
Prospective students are generally hosted by students from their own dioceses. Prospective students are welcome to attend a variety of seminary activities including liturgies, classes, Rector's Conferences, meals, social activities, and other community activities.

There Is No Charge To Stay With Us
Prospective seminarians under the sponsorship of a diocese stay at St. Mary's free of charge.  In some instances, the seminary will also reimburse travel expenses.