Book Lists

Spring 2018

Historical Studies Moral-Spirituality Studies Pastoral Studies
Systematic-Liturgical Studies Sacred Scriptures Pre-Theology Studies
Archdiocese of Baltimore Permanent Deacon Formation

Historical Studies

HS501 Modern/Contemp. Church – Parlopiano

HS501 Required Texts (see instructor for information)

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Moral-Spirituality Studies

MS505 Sexuality/Marriage/Celibacy-Fulton

MS505 Required Texts

MS508 Sacraments of Healing- Moore

MS508 Required Texts

MS/SL822 St. Augustine’s Confessions-Seaton

MS/SL822 Required texts (see instructor for information)

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Pastoral Studies

PS504 Sacramental/Marriage Law -Brown

PS504 Required Texts

PS511 Basic Effective Preaching -Roth

PS511 Required Texts

PS520 Ecumenism –Carpenter

PS520 Required Texts

PS552 Pastoral Admin/Ldrshp -Carrion

PS552 Required Texts

PS531 Pastoral Care/Practice II -Dvorak

PS531 Required texts (see instructor for information)

PS540 Pastor as Catechist -Fosarelli

PS540 Required Texts

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Systematic-Liturgical Studies

SL502 Ecclesiology -Detisch

SL502 Required Texts

SL503 Theological Anthropology -Burke

SL503 Required Texts

SL505 Theology and Celebration of the Eucharist -Detisch

SL505 Required Texts

SL506 Sacramentology – Hilgartner

SL506 Required Texts

SL507 Doctrine of God -Leavitt

SL507 Required Texts

SL627/727 Theology of Salvation -Burke

SL627/727 Required Texts

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Sacred Scriptures

SS500 The Pentateuch -DeBroeck

SS500 Required Texts

SS502 The Pauline Epistles -Gorman

SS502 Required Texts

SS505 Gospels of Matthew/Mark -Hurst

SS505 Required Texts

SS519 Psalms/Wisdom Lit. –DeBroeck

SS519 Required Texts

SS804 Currents in Johannine Theology –Gorman

SS804 Required texts

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Pre-Theology Studies

BL202 Ecclesiastical Latin II -Carducci

BL202 Required Texts

BL614 New Testament Greek II -Carducci

BL614 Required Texts

SPAN202 Spanish for Pastors II-Cooper

SPAN202 Required Texts

ENGL204 Communication for Pastors-Scalia

ENGL204 Required Texts

ENGL206 Theological English-Hicks

ENGL206 Required Text

ENGL307 Grammar  II-Hicks

ENGL307 Required Text

ENGL308 Reading & Writing II-Hicks

ENGL308 Required Text

HUMS201 Catholic Intellectual Tradition Lit/Arts-Scalia

HUMS201 Required Texts

HUMS500 Cultures-Hicks

HUMS500 Required Text

PHIL204 Metaphysics-Seaton

PHIL204 Required Texts

PHIL205 Philosophical Ethics-Russell

PHIL205 Required Texts

PHIL302 Medieval/Modern Philosophy-Seaton

PHIL302 Required Texts

PHIL306 Contemporary Issues in Philosophy-Seaton

PHIL306 Required Texts

PHIL308 Philosophy of God-Dreisbach

PHIL308 Required Texts

RLST202 Introduction to Scripture-Carpenter

RLST202 Required Texts

RLST206 Prayer/Priesthood- Moore

RLST206 Required Texts

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