Book Lists Fall 2022

Historical Studies Moral-Spirituality Studies Pastoral Studies
Systematic-Liturgical Studies Sacred Scriptures Pre-Theology Studies

Historical Studies

HS500 Ancient and Medieval Christianity (Castillo)

HS 500 Required Texts

HS570 American Catholicism (Castillo)

HS 570 Required Texts

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Moral-Spirituality Studies

MS500 Foundations of Moral Theology (Billy)

MS500 Required Texts

MS501 Catholic Social Ethics (Dugandzic)

MS501 Required Texts

MS506 Spiritual Theology (Terrien)

MS506 Required Texts

MS571 Medical Ethics (Dugandzic)

MS571 Required Texts


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Pastoral Studies

PS503 Survey of Canon Law (Hansen)

PS503 Required Texts

PS512 Preaching from the Lectionary (Smith)

  PS 512 (revised) Required Texts                                           

PS530 Pastoral Care and Practice I (Roth)

See instructor for required text.

PS540 Pastor as Catechist (Fosarelli)

PS540 Required Texts

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Systematic-Liturgical Studies

SL500 Fundamental Theology (Stevens)

SL500 Required Texts

SL501 Christology/Soteriology (Starke)

SL501 Required Texts

SL505 Eucharist (Smith)

SL505 Required Texts

SL510 Liturgical Theology (Starke)

SL510 Required Texts

SL553 Patristic Theology (Laytham)

SL 553 Required Texts

SL554 Mariology (Stevens)

SL554 Required Texts

SL555 Eschatology (Stevens)

SL555 Required Texts

 SL675/775 Faith in a Secular Age (Audra Dugandzic)

SL675-775 Required Texts

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Sacred Scriptures

SS503 The Gospel of John (Burton)

SS503 Required Texts

SS504 The Bible in the Church (Burton)

SS504 Required Texts

SS506 Gospel of Luke/Acts of the Apostles (Burton)

SS506 Required Texts

SS530 Prophetic Literature (Maillet)

SS530 Required Texts

 SS836 Corinthians as Christian Theology (Gorman)

SS836 Required Texts

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Pre-Theology Studies

BL201 Latin I (Dugandzic)

BL201 Required Texts

BL611 Hebrew I (Maillet)

BL611 Required Texts

SPAN101 Spanish I (Cooper)

SPAN101 Required Texts

ENGL202 Writing for Theology and Philosophy (Scalia)

ENG202 Required Texts

ENGL203 Communication for Pastors (Scalia)

ENG203 Required Texts 

ENGL304 Reading & Writing I (Hicks)

ENGL304 Required Texts

ENGL305 Grammar I (Hicks)

ENGL305 Required Text

ENGL306 Speech I (Hicks)

ENGL306 Required Resources

HUMS500 Cultures (Hicks)

HUMS500-Required Text

PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy (Seaton)

See instructor for required texts.

 PHIL203 Philosophical Anthropology (Seaton)

See instructor for required texts.

PHIL301 Ancient Philosophy (Seaton)

See instructor for required texts.

PHIL305 Epistemology (Macias)

PHIL305 Required Texts

PHIL307 Philosophy of Nature (Macias)

PHIL307 Required Texts

RLST203 Catholic Catechism I (Hansen)

RLST203 Required Texts

RLST206 Prayer & Priesthood (Terrien)

RLST206 Required Texts


Music Elective

MUSC504 Music and the Voice I (Miller)

Instructor will provide text.

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