School of Theology Student Handbook Supplement

Refunds, Financial Aid, Attendance, Withdrawal Policies

POLICY 2: Payments and Refunds
Fees are not refundable but tuition and other charges are refund­able according to the follow­ing schedule: 1 week, full refund; 2-3 weeks, 80% refund; 4-5 weeks, 60% refund; 6-7 weeks, 40% refund; after 7 weeks, no refund. The date used is that on which the Vice Rector sends to the Dean written notice of the seminarian’s withdraw­al from the program.  A copy of this notice is sent to the Vice President of Finance.

POLICY 4: Financial Aid
Through the generosity of benefactors, the School of Theology has accumulated an endowment fund for restricted and unrestrict­ed scholar­ships.  The income from this fund is used to provide scholar­ships and employment. Such factors as scholastic achieve­ment, participation in school or seminary activi­ties, vocational commitment, and financial need, as well as the degree of participation in the forma­tion program of St. Mary’s by the seminarian’s dio­cese are weighed.

*Note:  Please contact St. Mary’s Finance Office,, for the Institutional Aid Application requesting your loan amount for the academic year or semester.

POLICY 6: Absences, Extensions, Incompletes and Latenesses
An essential component of priestly formation for future priestly life and ministry is the development of proper time management skills.  In the academic realm of formation, seminarians are expected to be present in their assigned classroom at the designated time as listed on the class schedule.  Consistent unauthorized lateness or absence is unacceptable and carries a penalty as determined by the professor.  In addition, seminarians are expected to abide by the due dates established by their professors for papers and preparations for quizzes, tests, examinations, class discussion and/or class presentations.  Requests for extensions of work due during a semester or end-of-semester incompletes are also unacceptable.  It is only in the event of very serious circumstances as determined and authorized by the professor, Academic Dean and/or Vice Rector, that an absence, extension, incomplete or lateness is authorized.  All others are unauthorized and will be subject to academic penalties solely at the professor’s discretion.  There may also be formational issues and penalties involved.    It is the student’s responsibility to request an authorized absence, extension, incomplete, lateness according to appropriate protocols.

POLICY 18: Withdrawal
Resident seminarians who withdraw from St. Mary’s follow the appropriate formational procedures. Should they wish to continue as matricu­lants at St. Mary’s, they must notify the Registrar that they are non-resident students. Students, who with­draw from the School of Theology and subsequently desire to re-enroll, must submit a new application for admission.  Students who fail to complete a program at St. Mary’s have a statute of limitations of ten years to complete it without losing their original course work. However, they are obligated to whatever curricular standards are in force at the time they request to complete their degree.