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Master of Arts in Church Ministries

Urban Ministry Track


  1. To acquire biblical, theological, and sociological perspectives on the contemporary city, its structures and problems, and rationales for urban ministry
  2. To become familiar with various models of urban ministry
  3. To develop the leadership skills for planning, implementing, and assessing urban ministry programs and projects

This degree track may prepare students for (or enrich students in) paid or unpaid vocations such as Minister of Outreach, Director of Social Services, or Coordinator of Programs/Ministries within a church, parish, denominational body, or social agency within the urban context. It is also useful for those engaged in other kinds of ministry who desire an understanding of and skills for ministry in the urban setting.

Required Courses

  • PT615 Theology and Sociology of the City

One of the following two courses:

  • PT750 Urban Ministries
  • PT751 Current Issues in Urban Ministry

One of the following three courses:

  • MT/PT754 The Hungry, the Homeless, and the Church
  • BS/MT756 The Gospels and Social Justice
  • BS/MT757 Ethics and Social Justice in the Hebrew Bible
    Note: if BS/MT757 is taken as part of the core curriculum, a PT elective may be substituted.

One of the following three courses:

  • PT734 Ministry in the African-American Community
  • H731 The Black Churches in America
  • H737 Leaders of the Black Churches

One of the following two courses:

  • PT725 Problems of the Contemporary Family
  • PT741 Ministry with Families

One spirituality (SP) elective