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Master of Arts in Church Ministries

Congregational Leadership Track


  1. To understand the theological basis for the major church ministries within the congregation (e.g., worship, pastoral care, spiritual formation)
  2. To acquire the skills necessary for leadership of a variety of ministries

This degree track may prepare students for (or enrich students in) paid or unpaid vocations with significant general church leadership responsibilities, such as Pastoral Life Director, Director of Programs, Pastoral Associate, Parish Associate, Assistant to the Pastor, or Director of Church Growth and Development within a church, parish, or denominational body.

Required Courses:

  • PT/RE645 The Ministry of Leadership
  • PT/SP602 Pastoral and Spiritual Care
  • PT718 Christian Worship: History, Principles, and Practice
  • PT732 Church Administration and Congregational Development

One of the following four courses:

  • SP601 Foundations of Christian Spirituality
  • SP605 Spiritual Discipline
  • SP610 Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church
  • SP/PT646 The Spirituality of the Minister

One free elective