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Admission & Registration

St. Mary's Policy on Academic Files and Other Permanent Records

1) In addition to biographical information (name, address, state- or federally mandated demographic data), St. Mary's keeps the following information on all students, which becomes part of a student's permanent academic record:

  1. admissions test scores
  2. diocese (for seminarians)
  3. recommendations (when required for admission)
  4. date of acceptance
  5. academic program(s)
  6. dates of attendance at St. Mary's
  7. courses taken for credit, with grades and grade point averages
  8. audited courses
  9. courses transferred for credit
  10. completion of language requirements (where applicable)
  11. completion of the thesis (where applicable)
  12. comprehensive examinations and examination scores (where applicable)
  13. degree(s) conferred and date (where applicable)
  14. other comments (withdrawal, transfer, leave of absence, financial documents that pertain to academic status, pastoral year, dismissal)

2) These documents may be inspected only by those faculty members or administrators of St. Mary's who have a legitimate educational interest in seeing them. Others may inspect these files or obtain copies of a student's permanent record from St. Mary's only after the Registrar's Office has received a signed written request from the student and the student has paid a nominal fee. No email requests are accepted. Transcripts will not be issued to any student who has not fulfilled his or her financial and/or library obligation to the institution.

3) Students are at liberty to inspect their own academic files. Any suspected inaccuracies in St. Mary's permanent records should be reported at once to the Office of the Registrar. Since each institution is responsible for the accuracy of its own files and for correcting them when necessary, St. Mary's will in no instance alter, retransmit, copy, or distribute academic documents which may be in its possession. This includes documents such as transcripts from other institutions sent to St. Mary's as part of the admissions process.

4) Financial documents that relate to a student's stay at St. Mary's may be examined only by those parties at St. Mary's who are directly responsible for students' accounts or billing matters.