Summer 2021 Courses

Summer Course Preview

Summer courses will run from Saturday, May 15, 2021 through Saturday, June 26, 2021.  Classes will be held either on Monday/Thursday or Saturdays.
PR = Prerequisite; CR = Co-requisite

BS/SPXXX Scripture & Spirituality

Day & Time TBA
Dr. Derek Olsen
Course Description and “Green Book” page TBA

BS693  Readings in Biblical Hebrew
Day & Time TBA
Rebecca Hancock, PhD
A one-credit course in reading, translating, and analyzing texts from the Hebrew Bible, as well as examining Hebrew vocabulary and grammar. PR = At least one year of basic Hebrew grammar and vocabulary.
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page) TBA

PT/SP738 Faith Development through the Life Cycle
Day & Time TBA
Dr. Pat Fosarelli
This course will explore how faith develops over a lifetime.  To do this, we will examine all ages – from infancy to older years – exploring several areas of human development: physical, psychological, cognitive, social, moral, and spiritual development by learning from such theorists as Piaget, Erikson, Fowler, and others. This holistic approach will permit us to better understand how to teach, preach, and minister to individuals of various ages in health and in situations of adversity, since faith is affected by experiences in life.  Learning how each stage differs from the others has implications for the Church’s ministry of formation, education, and care – in good times as well as bad times.
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page) TBA

PT750 Urban Ministries
Saturdays, Time TBA
Dr. Tony Hunt
This course provides a foundation for the application of best practices in urban ministry, with particular focus of the impact of urban ministry on congregational vitality, social justice and community building.
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page) TBA

ST582 Christianity and Its Critics
Day & Time TBA
Chris Dreisbach, Ph.D.

THXXX  Philosophy for Understanding Theology
Meeting Tuesdays: May 18, 25; June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; July 6, 13, 20 – Time
Eric Mabry, Ph.D.