Summer 2019 Course Preview

The Psalms
Dr. Rebecca Hancock
This course will combine study of contemporary scholarly issues related to the Book of Psalms–including the history of interpretation, poetry in the Psalms, divine justice in the Psalms, and use of historical motifs–with exegetical study of individual psalms. Students will also explore theological and ethical implications of the Psalms for both ancient and contemporary communities of faith.
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America’s God and American Films
Dr. Dave Greiser
God and faith are frequent subtexts in American movies.  By analyzing key American films, this course will explore what films say about God and how they shape and are shaped by the faith of American culture.
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Roman Catholic Sacramental Theology & Canon Law
Fr. David Fulton
This course explores the history and theology of sacramentalism and the seven Roman Catholic sacraments, with attention to the canon law of sacraments as it is relevant to the work of ecclesiastical ministers.
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Ministry to the Ill & Dying
Dr. Pat Fosarelli
This course examines the medical, theological, and pastoral perspectives on illness and death, for both children and adults, providing strategies for ministry to the ill, the recovering, and the dying, whether in home, hospice, or institutional setting.
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The Goodness of Being Human
Dr. Mark Gorman
Christians believe that human beings are made in the image and likeness of God. Modern Western culture, however, seems to undermine the fundamental goodness of human existence in its ideas, practices, and technology. Moving from a focus of “what’s wrong” to “what’s right,” the  course will explore why Christians affirm that it is good to be human. The class will attend the 2019 Pro Ecclesia Conference June 3-5, which includes presentations by leading theologians.
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Enculturating Leadership (D.Min. course)
Dr. Tony Hunt
This course will focus on selected issues facing Christian leaders. Particular attention will be given to understanding the context in which the student serves, and how to develop effective forms of ministry that remain faithful to biblical principles, while being relevant, incarnational in approach, and culturally sensitive in presentation. The relationship between spiritual formation and leadership development will be included.
Prerequisite: admission to Ashland Theological Seminary DMin program.
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