Fall 2019 Courses

Fall 2019 Course Schedule

Fall courses run from Thursday, 8/29/19 through Monday, 12/9/19.

The regular registration period for Fall 2019 courses is July 15  – July 26, 2019. (Please note: two weeks only.) Beginning July 27, a $90 late-registration fee will go into effect (not applicable to new students). You may register in person, by fax, scan/email, or mail. In order to reserve a place in the course, the $85 registration fee must be submitted at the time of registration. A student must register for a course before the first class meeting. 

For more information, please see the Registration page. Forms will be available on the Forms page.

(A Course Schedule Matrix is provided at the bottom of this page.)
PR = Prerequisite; CR = Co-requisite

BS600    Orientation to Biblical Studies
6 – 8:30 pm, Thursday
Gary Staszak
An introduction to academic biblical studies, with attention to the nature and development of biblical literature, tools for research, and methods of interpretation (exegesis). This three-credit course is a pre- or corequisite for most other courses in biblical studies. 
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

BS613    Introduction to Biblical Greek
Mondays in class and Thursdays on Canvas
Fr. Paul Maillet
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

BS621    Literature & Theology of the Hebrew Bible
6 – 8:30 pm, Tuesday
Dr. Rebecca Hancock
PR/CR = BS600, TH601.
An introduction to the theological content of the Torah, Prophets, and Writings in their historical and social contexts, with consideration of critical methodology and major themes. 
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page) 

BS/ES644   Mothers in Jewish and Christian Scripture and Tradition
6 – 8:30 pm, Thursday
Rabbi Nina Cardin, Dr. Jennifer McNeel
Mothers have played a central role in the lives and religious imaginations of Christians and Jews throughout the ages. Biblical figures such as Eve, Sarah, Hagar, and Mary have influenced our conceptions of what motherhood is and what mothers should be like. Mothers have also continued to play important roles in religious communities through the centuries. This course will explore a variety of depictions of mothers and motherhood in the Bible and in Jewish and Christian tradition, allowing students to discover how the maternal image has served these religious communities in the past, and how it can serve as an enriching resource for spiritual life and theological reflection today. 
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

BS862 Reading Scripture  — DMin students only.
Thursday, 6-9 pm, Friday 9 am – 5 pm (Sept. 26-27, Oct. 24-25, Nov. 14-15)
Michael Gorman, PhD
PR = MDiv or MDiv Equivalence.
An exploration of approaches to reading Scripture for Christian faith, formation, ministries, and mission.
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

H601    Early & Medieval Christian Church
6 – 8:30 pm, Monday
Dr. Derek Olsen
PR/CR = TH601.
A survey of the major theological and historical developments of the Christian church from the early church to the eve of the Reformation. 
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

PT601    Foundations of Christian Ministry
6 – 8:30 pm, Monday
Dr. Janyce Jorgensen
PR/CR = TH601.
A survey of the biblical, theological, and spiritual foundations of ministry, and of the expression of lay and ordained ministry in various Christian traditions. 
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

PT604    Biblical Storytelling I (1.5 credits)
9 am – 1 pm, Saturday, 9/14, 10/19, 11/9, 12/14
Dr. Tracy Radosevic
PR/CR = BS621.
An exploration of the practice and role of biblical storytelling in preaching, worship, and formation, including oral presentation. (This course pairs ideally with BS621, and part two of Biblical Storytelling will pair in the spring with BS622.)
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

PT750    Urban Ministries
6 – 8:30 pm, Monday

Dr. Tony Hunt
An analysis of the theological substructures and organizational models of various kinds of urban ministries.  PR = TH601 
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

SL834  Currents in Pauline Theology (STL Seminar cross-listed in the EI)
1-3 pm, Monday

Dr. Michael J. Gorman
PR: BS622, a course on Paul, or permission of the dean & instructor (with some pre-course reading required).
This seminar will consider some of the major schools of thought, voices, issues, and theological implications of contemporary studies in Pauline theology. Special attention will be given to the theme of participation, the pastoral and practical dimensions of Paul’s theology, and the letter to the Romans as both counter-imperial text and Christian theology.
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

SP/ST609    Spiritual Theology
6 – 8:30 pm, Tuesdays
Dr. John Hayes
An exploration of the apophatic tradition in Christian spirituality, which is based on the assumption that God’s essence cannot be fully understood and human language is inadequate to describe God.  
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

ST601    Foundations of Systematic Theology
6 – 8:30 pm, Thursday
Dr. Mark Gorman
PR/CR = TH601.
A survey of basic theological topics, such as revelation, the Triune God, sin and grace, Christ, salvation, and the church, with attention to theological method and historical development. 
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page)

TH601    Introduction to Theological Study
6 – 8:30 pm, Tuesday 
Dr. Brent Laytham
An introduction to the study of theology, including a survey of its major disciplines, review of research-paper techniques, and hands-on experience with the practical tools and methods of theological research and writing. This three-credit course is a pre- or corequisite for most 600- and 700-level courses.  
Full Course Description (“Green Book” page) 

Fall 2019 Course Schedule (all courses 6:00 to 8:30 pm, except where noted):
Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
H601 – Early & Medieval Christian Church
BS621 – Literature & Theology of the Hebrew Bible (Hancock) BS600 –  Orientation to Biblical Studies  PT604 – Biblical Storytelling
9:00 am — 1:00 pm
9/14, 10/19, 11/9, 12/14
PT601 – Foundations of Christian Ministry TH601 – Introduction to Theological Study BS/ES644 – Jewish / Christian Studies: Mothers  
PT750 – Urban Ministry SP/ST609 – Spiritual Theology  ST601 – Systematic Theology  
SL834 – Currents in Pauline Theology (STL Seminar)
1-3 pm, Monday
   BS613 – New Testament Greek I (online)  
BS613 – New Testament Greek I (on site)