Our Newest Alumni

The Class of 2015:

J. Aristotle Bla-yon Davies, CAS – Systematic Theology
Michael P. Howard, MACM – Spirituality
Guy Msafiri Kagere, MACM – Pastoral Care
Brenda J. Logue, M.A. in Theology – Biblical Studies
Colleen Mary McCahill, MACM – Spirituality
Sandra L. Michocki, MACM – Pastoral Care
Evan Alexander Ponton, M.A. in Theology
Vanessa Hall Powell, M.A. in Theology
Edward F. Schneider, CAS – Spirituality
Dawn Marie Sirface, M.A. in Theology
Joseph F. Toher, Jr., MACM – Pastoral Care
James Gibbons Walker, MACM – Congregational Leadership