Financial Aid

E.I. Scholarships

St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute has limited scholarship funds that are awarded to matriculated degree or certificate candidates and other credit-seeking students on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, sponsorship by a church, or other criteria. (Auditors are not eligible for scholarships, or other forms of financial aid, except for the Cross-Cultural Student Scholarships described below.) Scholarship applications are available in the St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute’s office or from the Billing Officer and Financial Aid Coordinator, who may be reached at 410.864.4234. All scholarship applications (available for download here) must be submitted, and all awards are made, on a term-by-term basis. Applications are due August 1, December 1, and May 1 for the following term, and must be re-submitted each term. Late applications are considered only in extenuating circumstances. All scholarship awards are contingent on the student’s earning a B or better in the course(s) for which the award is made, maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.0, and meeting his or her financial obligations. The St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute’s Billing Officer and Financial Aid Coordinator is available to assist in applications for government loans and State of Maryland scholarships and grants.

Need-Based Scholarships

The Dunning Memorial Fund provides partial tuition scholarships for fully matriculated degree candidates who (a) have completed at least five hours at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and (b) have demonstrated financial need. The Abrahams Family Foundation Fund provides partial tuition scholarships for students, called “Abrahams Fellows,” who (a) have completed at least five hours at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and (b) have demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to Methodist ministers and ministerial candidates, and to fully matriculated degree candidates. The Patterson Memorial Scholarship Fund provides partial tuition scholarships of up to $500 annually, preferably to Methodist students, called “Patterson Fellows,” who (a) are committed to lay or ordained ministry, preferably in an urban context, and (b) have demonstrated financial need. The Alumni/ae Scholarship Fund encourages speedier completion of a degree program by offering partial tuition scholarships to fully matriculated degree candidates who (a) have completed at least five hours at the E.I. with a minimum GPA of 3.0, (b) have demonstrated financial need, and (c) are registered for at least five credits.

Academic Achievement Scholarships

Dean’s List Scholarships (partial tuition for one course) are awarded annually to the 20 fully matriculated degree candidates with the highest cumulative GPA (minimum 3.85) who have completed at least 8 hours at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute, including a total of six or more credits within two of the three terms preceding the announcement of the Dean’’s List. Recipients of Dean’s List scholarships may choose to offer their scholarship to benefit a student in need. The Olin P. Moyd Memorial Scholarship Fund, honoring a long-term, beloved member of the St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute faculty who died in 2005, provides up to two partial tuition scholarships per term to students with demonstrated academic success and potential for theological and/or ministerial leadership in the African-American community. Partnership Scholarships Partnership scholarships are available to a limited number of students each term who have the financial support of their church or employer. The partner agrees to provide a 1/3 scholarship, and the Ecumenical Institute provides a 1/3 matching scholarship. This program is normally limited to one course per term. New students are eligible. This scholarship program is funded largely by the Abrahams Family Foundation Fund and by the Rafferty Scholarship Fund.

Other Ecumenical Institute of Theology Scholarships

Cross-Cultural Student Scholarships are available to international students and mission workers on sabbatical, including auditors. The George P. Polk Memorial Scholarship, which honors a leading clergyman and former St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute student, provides partial scholarships to matriculated degree candidates preparing for ministerial leadership in the African-American community and/or pursuing clinical pastoral education. Rafferty Scholarships are available to highly qualified Roman Catholic students preparing for lay ecclesial ministry. Special Scholarships are occasionally available to non-matriculated students with special needs or circumstances. Urban Ministry Scholarships are available to students currently preparing for, or involved in, Urban Ministry.

Other Forms of Financial Aid

Financial assistance for students in the M.A. in Church Ministries program may be available for students participating in the ministry formation programs of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. These funds are administered by the respective judicatory, not St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute. Catholic students should contact the Archdiocesan Division of Catechetical and Pastoral Formation at 410.547.5405. Episcopalians should contact Ms. Dawn Kline at 410.467.1399 or 800.443.1399. Local religious bodies offer denominational or congregational scholarships from time to time. Students should inquire at their churches or denominational offices.