Students without a Baccalaureate Degree

St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute admits a limited number of highly qualified students without an accredited baccalaureate degree. Typically these students have several years of college, or have a degree from a school that is not accredited. In conformity with the following policies, such students may apply for admission as Explorations in Theology or Master of Arts in Christian Ministries students. All such students will originally be admitted on probationary status.

For students with 60+ undergraduate hours:

  • Transcript verification of all college level work. Assessment of quality.
  • Portfolio of
    • Documentation of any additional non-credit academic or professional training. E.g., vocational training, EMT training, etc.
    • Documentation of life experience that has prepared the student for theological study at the graduate level.
  • Take the Academic Skills Assessment and consult with the Writing Specialist.
  • Required ‘soft start’: either TH601 or an appropriate 500 level course.
  • Achievement of 3.0 or better GPA after four courses.

For students with fewer than 60 undergraduate hours, there will be an interview with the Dean. If the Dean determines the student has potential for graduate work, the student will take the Academic Skills Assessment (ASA). The score on the ASA will determine whether the student is allowed to enroll and, if so, in which classes.