Academic Skills Assessment

As part of the admissions process, the EI requires most students to sit for a test that assesses their reading and writing skills (exceptions below). The ASA is taken at St. Mary’s either prior to admission or as part of the introductory course TH601. There is no test fee. Results are evaluated by the Office of Admissions and Academic Services, which communicates to the student any recommendations or requirements for study at the EI.

Students applying for a degree or certificate must successfully complete the ASA, or register for TH601 (and successfully complete it there), with the following exceptions;

  • The ASA is waived for students who submit (a) an official GRE verbal score report of 600 or better or (b) an official transcript of a PhD, JD, MD, master’s degree in the humanities (minimum GPA 3.0), or master’s degree with thesis in any field (minimum GPA 3.0).
  • The ASA is not required for Auditors, Visiting Students, or CAS students.
  • The ASA is not required for students in the Explorations in Theology program taking only 500-level courses (unless they receive a grade lower than B in any course).