Multiple Certificate Admission

Simultaneous or Sequential Certificate Admission

Students may apply for admission into two certificates simultaneously (other than the Certificate of Advanced Studies). Additional certificates may be earned sequentially. Upon petition of the Committee on Admissions and Academic Standing, one of the courses earned toward a certificate may also be applied to another certificate. The time limit for the completion of two certificates simultaneously is five years from the date of the first course applied to either certificate.

Certificate-Degree Admission

Students may apply for admission to  a degree program after earning a certificate. All credits earned in the certificate program may be applied to the degree, as long as the courses taken meet degree requirements and have not expired.

Students may also apply for admission to one degree and one certificate program simultaneously. The time limit for the completion of both programs is 10 years from the date of the first St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute course.

Students may earn a certificate after completing a degree program. However, no credits earned toward a degree may subsequently be applied to a certificate.

Certificate of Advanced Study

Students who enroll in the CAS program after earning a degree from St. Mary’s, and who have taken advanced courses or seminars, may petition the Dean to receive up to six credits of advanced standing toward the CAS. Students enrolled in the CAS program may not normally be enrolled in another certificate or degree program.