Course Requirements

The following courses are required for the M.A. in Theology.

Introductory Courses (2 courses)

  • TH601 Introduction to Theological Study, Research & Writing
    Note: TH601 is normally a pre- or corequisite for other courses in the program; students with prior theological study may petition to waive this course and substitute a free elective.
  • BS600 Orientation to Biblical Studies
    Note: BS600 is normally a pre- or corequisite for most other courses in biblical studies in the program; students with prior academic biblical study may petition to replace this course with a biblical elective.

Biblical Studies (3 courses)

  • BS621 Literature and Theology of the Hebrew Bible
  • BS622 Literature and Theology of the New Testament
  • One BS elective other than BS625 or BS635

Ecumenical and Interfaith Studies (1 course)

  • Any ES (Ecumenical and Interfaith Studies) course

 History (2 courses)

  • H601 The Early Christian Church

One of the following five courses:

  • H602 Medieval Church History
  • H603 Modern Church History
  • H/ST605 The History of Theological Systems
  • H/ES611 The American Religious Experience
  • H731 The Black Churches in America

Moral Theology (2 courses)

  • MT600 Fundamentals of Theological Ethics
  • One MT elective

Systematic Theology (2 courses)

    • ST601 Foundations of Systematic Theology
    • One ST elective

Spirituality (1 course)

    • Any three credit SP (Spirituality) course, except courses in spiritual direction.

Free Electives (4 courses)

Any courses for which the co- and/or prerequisites are met, including up to two 500-level courses taken before matriculation.