Spirituality Track


  1. To understand the rich history of and variety in Christian practices of the spiritual life, and their contemporary importance in the churches
  2. To understand the importance of spiritual development and of the integration of body, mind, and spirit for spirituality and for ministry to spiritual needs
  3. To develop basic spiritual care skills and leadership skills in integrating spirituality into various church ministries


This degree track may prepare students for (or enrich students in) paid or unpaid vocations such as Director of Spiritual Life, Director of Spiritual Growth/Formation, Retreat Director, Director of Programs, Minister of Discipleship, Pastoral/Parish Associate, or Deacon within a church, parish, or denominational body; or as Chaplain within certain institutional settings.

Required Courses

  • SP601 Foundations of Christian Spirituality
  • PT/SP602 Pastoral and Spiritual Care

One of the following two courses:

  •  SP605 Spiritual Disciplines
  • SP610 Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church

One of the following two courses:

  • SP720 Introduction to Spiritual Direction
  • SP725 Group Spiritual Direction

One of the following two courses:

  • RE/SP734 Faith Development through the Life Cycle
  • PT/SP780 Health, Disease, and Spirituality

One free elective