Religious Education Track


  1. To understand the biblical, theological, spiritual, psychological, and educational foundations of formation/education in the context of the Christian church
  2. To develop the educational and church leadership skills necessary to direct a program of religious education


This degree track may prepare students for (or enrich students in) paid or unpaid vocations such as Director of Religious/Christian Education, Director of Adult Education, Director of Spiritual Formation, Deacon, or Parish/Pastoral Associate within a church, parish, or denominational body.

 Required Courses

  • RE601 Foundations of Religious Education
  • RE/SP734 Faith Development through the Life Cycle

One of the following two courses or an approved substitute (e.g., RE705 Contemporary Catholic Catechetics):

  •  RE605 Teaching and Curriculum in Religious Education
  • RE714 Teaching Adults in the Church

One of the following three courses:

  • SP601 Foundations of Christian Spirituality
  • SP605 Spiritual Disciplines
  • SP610 Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church

Two religious education (RE) electives OR one religious education (RE) and one practical theology (PT) elective