Parish/Faith Community Nursing Track

Note: only students who possess both an R.N. and an accredited bachelor’s degree are admitted to this track.


  1. To gain biblical, theological, historical, and moral perspectives on health-care issues as a basis for health-care ministries, especially parish nursing, in the contemporary church
  2. To acquire basic understanding of and leadership skills in pastoral and spiritual care
  3. To integrate nursing skills with spirituality and pastoral skills as a form of ministry


This degree track may prepare students for (or enrich students in) paid or unpaid vocations such as Parish Nurse, Parish Nurse Coordinator, Instructor in Parish Nursing, or Director of Health Ministries within a church, parish, or denominational body, or Parish Nurse affiliated with a hospital or other medical-services agency.

Required Courses

  • PT651 Parish Nursing I
  • PT652 Parish Nursing II
  • PT781 Advanced Parish Nursing
  • MT721 Medical Ethics

One of the following two courses:

  • PT/SP602 Pastoral and Spiritual Care
  • PT622 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

One of the following two courses:

  • PT742 Ministry to the Ill and Dying
  • SP/PT780 Health, Disease, and Spirituality