Biblical Studies

The Certificate in Biblical Studies provides a 24 credit course of study in the essentials of responsible interpretation of the Bible. This certificate is designed for a variety of students: people seeking understanding and personal enrichment, those preparing for further theological study, students and scholars from other disciplines, teachers in private and parochial schools, teachers in churches or religious congregations, and clergy seeking to update or expand their biblical knowledge.

Required courses include:

  • TH601 Introduction to Theological Study, Research & Writing
  • BS600 Orientation to Biblical Studies

Two Old Testament (OT) courses:

  • BS621 Literature & Theology of the Hebrew Bible and
  • one OT elective other than BS625


  • BS625 The Pentateuch and
  • BS630 The Prophetic Literature (or approved substitute)

Two New Testament (NT) courses:

  • BS622 Literature & Theology of the New Testament and
  • one NT elective other than BS635


  • The Gospels and Jesus and
  • a course on Paul

Two BS electives

Students with prior academic course work in biblical studies (at least 18 hours of undergraduate work or 12 hours of graduate work) may be able to arrange a special course of study, in consultation with the Dean, for a more advanced certificate program of 18 credits.