Doctoral Level Courses

St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute is where one’s path to a Doctor of Ministry begins, taking foundational DMin courses with its exceptional faculty teams, ecumenical student body, and accessible class schedule.  Ashland Theological Seminary is where that journey culminates, drawing on the strength of one of the oldest DMin programs in the country, and on the wisdom of faculty and student colleagues from around the country. 

Students in the DMin partnership have two options for program of study while at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute.

Option 1 – Three Foundational Courses

BS862.1 Reading Scripture (Fall semester) – Instructors Dr. Mike Gorman and Rev. Dr. Amy Richter

ST806.1 Living Theology (Spring semester) – Instructor Rev. Dr. Brent Laytham

ST815.1 Enculturating Leadership (Summer semester) 

Option 2 – CONNECT: Faith, Health, & Medicine (This option will be available again in January of 2019.)

An integrated examination of the biblical, theological, moral, and relational dynamics of faith and health.  Details will be forthcoming for the 2019 program. To view details of our previous program, 2016-2017, please click HERE.