Research Track

C.A.S. students with demonstrated advanced research skills, whose primary interest is in theological research, whether simply as the focus of the C.A.S. program or in preparation for doctoral studies, may pursue the research track. Students in the research track may specialize in a particular department or follow a more interdisciplinary program. In consultation with the Director of the C.A.S., they choose an advisor and work closely with the advisor throughout the program.

The course of study for the research track is as follows:

  • Six 700-level courses (occasional 600-level courses may count with pre-approval) of the student’s choice, with at least two courses in one department
  • One TH795 seminar, departmental seminar (xx794), or colloquium (TH799)
  • One TH790 directed reading course
  • Two guided research projects, TH791 and TH792, each focused on the preparation of a substantive paper or other appropriate final project. The subjects of the two research projects may be related, though they do not need to be.

Note: Students in the research track may take up to one additional directed reading course, replacing one of the regular 700-level courses.