Ecumenical Institute Announces MDiv Partnership

St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute will now offer Baltimore-area students a pathway to the Master of Divinity through a partnership with Lancaster Theological Seminary. “This pathway is ideal for working adults who cannot enroll in traditional, daytime MDiv programs” said Dean Brent Laytham. “I’ve long known that there are Baltimore students who want to study here with us, but need to earn a degree we can’t offer—the MDiv. Now they can.”

The first half of the degree is taken at St. Mary’s Ecumenical Institute; the second half is earned through Lancaster’s easily accessible weekend program of unique and integrative courses. Most of the classes taken at the Ecumenical Institute are foundational in content and typically offered on weeknights. Most of the classes taken at Lancaster are integrative and contextual in focus; they are always scheduled on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.

This partnership pairs America’s oldest Catholic seminary (celebrating its 225th year) with one of America’s oldest Protestant seminaries (in existence for 190 years). Lancaster’s newly revised, 75-credit MDiv is designed to address the pressing needs of the church and the realities of student’s busy lives. It is fully accredited, and is also approved for United Methodists who are pursuing ordination.

See more information, or contact Patty Rath (410.864.4203).